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Tile Cleaning

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In the past people used mostly carpets and rugs to decorate their houses and to provide more comfort and warmth. At the moment and for the last few years, tile floors are used more and more as they are easily cleaned and maintained and are much more durable than carpets and other fabrics. Tile cleaning Santa Ana specializes in all tile related services and you can rely on our assistance to perform a thorough cleaning and grout renovation – thus you won’t need to replace the tiles if they are stained or much difficult to clean.Tile Cleaning

Santa Ana is located is the central city in Orange County, California. It is one of the biggest cities in the state and the population is around 324 000. There are many museums, art galleries and historic parks which are worth visiting.

Tile cleaning looks like an easy process but in the most cases people are not so satisfied with their efforts to remove all accumulated dirt and stains. That’s when Tile cleaning Santa Ana comes in – we use sophisticated devices and methods to clean every single tile and we guarantee that the results will be long-lasting. We are sure that you know from experience that tiles which are quite comfortable and not slippery namely for their unevenness, can be very difficult to clean and accumulate dust and dirt the fastest. Exactly the opposite is true for tiles which are absolutely smooth in surface – they are easily maintained but can be extremely slippery, especially when they are wet.

Professional teams for effective stain removal

When it comes to tiles, the ceramic ones are ordered the most. Clients prefer them as they are practical and are sold in many colors, compositions and designs. The variety is great and you can easily find the most appropriate color for your kitchen or bathroom. We usually apply a two-step process which ensures great results. First of all, the upper layers of dust and dirt are removed via a sweeping device which is much more efficient than a normal broomstick. Then, a special acid solution is applied to all the grout between the tiles – the grout is maybe the easiest material to get dirty, so it needs considerable attention. The acid will make sure that the uppermost layer of dirt which causes the dark colors of the grout will be removed – this won’t harm the grout itself or the tiles in any way.

The second step will be to apply another cleaner which will target all remaining dirt and will wash away any stubborn stains.  When the whole process is finished, we will check the whole area and if there are still parts of the floor which need more thorough cleaning, we will perform the process once more. After all has been cleaned, all surfaces will be dried.  Upon your request, we can also seal the grout in such a way that it can no longer be damaged by dirt and other harmful particles. Tile cleaning Santa Ana provides effective services and you will be very pleased with the quality of our work at all times.

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