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Will cleaning my carpet make it soil faster?

Well, the answer would be yes, especially if you do things incorrectly. According to Carpet Cleaning Santa Anatechnicians, a lot of the off-the-shelf carpet cleaning solutions today has high PH levels, which damage carpets, and they also tend to leave behind excess moisture, which can soak deeper into your rug's padding, and embed dirt and cleaning residue deeper. Make sure to ask the cleaner if they use all-natural cleaners and modern cleaning equipment, so that you won't encounter any excess moisture or residue problems.

How long should I wait before letting my kids or pets walk on the newly-cleaned rugs?

Right after your home's carpets have been cleaned, try to prevent your kids or pets from walking on the newly-cleaned rugs. In general, it would be best to fully limit activity on newly-cleaned rugs, until these are completely dry. This is because your kids or pets, may bring in dirt from the outside, and are more prone to slipping on the carpet's damp areas. Thus, it would be safe if you keep them off the newly-cleaned rug.

How can I be sure that my rugs are handmade?

You need to ask for warranties and check their labels. They usually have many more knots than machine-made rugs. Our carpet experts in Santa Ana draw your attention to the way they are made. You shouldn't be able see any machine stitches at the edges. There must be continuity in the weaving that's ending with the fringes.

Is steam cleaning superior to wet cleaning a carpet?

By all intents and purposes, steam cleaning is the best way to clean a carpet. Whether against dry or wet cleaning, steaming a carpet brings it back to pristine condition. However, it is also the most time-consuming choice and can be expensive as well without the right equipment.

What causes buckling on carpets?

Poor installation is the main culprit when it comes to buckling. This is a process where the carpets lift in such a way as to create a ripple effect. It is also possible that moisture will expand the fabric. You also make it worse when you drag the carpet.

There are patches of burns on my carpet. What should I do?

For a small area, it is suggested that you cut the charred fibers and then replace them with a carpet cut out from an inconspicuous area. Using glue, you can then set the cut-out exactly on the same spot, so it will look like it has been a part of the entire area all along.

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