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Why Removing Pet Stains is Important

02/05/2014 Back To Blog

More than half the American population has pets and almost all families have carpets on their home floors. This is a difficult combination, especially if there are kids in the house, too. We all love our cats and dogs but their hair may cause us allergies and their dirt skin rashes. They love taking naps on our sofa and get lazy among the cushions at the exact same spot our kids put their faces or lie on the carpet, where our children run around barefoot. We love our pets but need to protect our children, too. Hence, carpet washing is a necessary procedure.Why Removing Pet Stains is Important

Clean carpets equals healthy families

The human immune system is sensitive to certain allergens and some people are allergic to cat and dog urine or hair. People, who are not allergic, just need to be protected from possible skin infections. This is the reason the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Santa Ana insist that the frequent pet stink and stain extraction on carpets and sofas would have exquisite results. This is a necessary procedure in families with young children, who may sit or put their fingers in the contaminated area and then put them in their mouth.

Pet stain removal

The truth is that no matter how well you teach your pets, they can still have an accident while they cannot help losing hair. That's why pet owners must be alert and immediately clean the mess in the best way possible to avoid the urine penetrating the fibers or the fabric on the sofa.

    Use cooking soda at the exact spot and leave it overnight before you vacuum it in the morning.
    You can also use vinegar since it is good for stains and bad smell elimination.
    There are various detergents in the market which are appropriate for pet dirt removal.
    If the urine is fresh, you need to absorb it with a towel or cloth first to keep it from spreading.
    Regular carpet treatment will keep the floors clean. The combination of this long procedure with occasional cleaning will guarantee healthy sofas and carpets.

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